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I'm the Head of Technology at ZenHub and Founder/CEO of GlobexDesigns. During the evenings, I periodically contribute to various open source projects. You can find me mostly deep inside the JavaScript ecosystem.
I create and maintain projects in my free time, mostly known for Discord-related projects.
Professional and OSS work around scaling & Traffic Engineering: observability, DNS, & load balancing.
springdoc helps to automate the generation of API documentation using spring boot projects. (living documentation using OpenAPI)
Maintaining @AnySoftKeyboard. Working at @SpotifyEng. I enjoy tech, books, music and hiding from my two kids.
Welcome to IntellectualSites, the home of the open source Minecraft plugins FastAsyncWorldEdit, PlotSquared and more.
Aloha! ShakaCode maintains and develops React on Rails, Cypress on Rails, and several other open-source libraries that glue together React, Webpack, and Rails, especially with server-side rendering. Over 7,000 public sites run on React on Rails.
Wasp is a Rails-like web app framework for React, Node.js and Prisma. Develop your app in a day and deploy it with a single CLI command.
Haxe Foundation have been maintaining the Haxe programming language, compiler, standard library and IDE tools for 10 years.
Support Joomla! - A leading Open Source Content Management System
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