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🗺 Totally Wanderlost

Website and blog showing our travels on



This will install rtx and use that to install the required versions of ruby, python and 'node and the required dependencies for each.

make setup


This will build the site and store the output in the build/ directory.

make build

Running Locally

This will build and serve the site on localhost:8080:

make run

You can override the port if required:

make run port=1337

To view the site without minifcation:

make run env=dev


Commits to the main branch are deployed automatically to and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

Commits to a branch are deployed automatically to ${branch}

For example a brand named test would be available at

You can also deploy manually provided you have either CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT_ID and CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN set or wrangler is already logged in.

make deploy